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Welcome to Cantamus Reigate’s website!  Here you can find out all about this friendly, mixed-voice (SATB) choir, how it operates, its forthcoming events and how you can take part.

Next Event

As of February 2021, it remains unclear when we might be able to get together to sing once again.  We are all so pleased that we managed to squeeze our concert on 14 March in just before the first lockdown, but even that is fast becoming a dim and distant memory.  Vague ideas include a shortish concert of Messiah choruses near Easter, and perhaps a singing day built around the Brahms’ Requiem in the summer. We’ll also be performing the first section of my Magnificat setting! (What’s the point of running your own choir if you can’t use it as a vehicle for your own music?)!

Rehearsals for Next Event


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