Cantamus Reigate News

Welcome to Cantamus Reigate’s website!  Here you can find out all about this friendly, mixed-voice (SATB) choir, how it operates, its forthcoming events and how you can take part.

I would like to reassure everyone that Cantamus Reigate is not dead, but merely sleeping, and will reawaken bright and refreshed sometime in 2022!  It looks as though I shall be away on business in the Philippines until mid-March, but our next event will be planned once I am back in the UK.

Although Cantamus Reigate itself does not enter our local Redhill and Reigate Music Festival, we are delighted that this year we are helping Sonia Dembinska to put together a very small choir – Giocoso – who will! Some of our singers will be taking part, rehearsing a few times in Sonia’s music room before sullying forth and strutting their stuff (repertoire still being decided) on Tuesday May 3rd.  Watch this space for further news….

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