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Covid Mitigations

I’ve been following discussion on the Association of British Choral Directors (ABCD) Facebook page about different choirs’ arrangements for rehearsing and performing with regards to Covid mitigations.  They seem to range from a complete return to “normal”, through various increasing levels of mitigations, to everything including wearing singing masks whilst singing!  Some mitigations and limitations are put in place by venues of course.

The survey we have just put round seems to support my intentions for when we next get together, which work like this:

  1. Request people to attend only when they have had a negative lateral flow test in the previous 4 days   This greatly reduces the chance of anyone attending a rehearsal who has Covid.  Thus the risk of passing it onto others is very low.
  2. Ventilate the venue as much as possible.  The aim (although we will not be measuring) is to reduce exhaled vapour levels to below 800ppm, the “safe” level recommended for schools.  I have seen a report of levels in a poorly ventilated hall immediately previously used by a fitness class of > 1000ppm, which were reduced to 400ppm with increased ventilation over a short period preceding a rehearsal.  This reduces further the risk of transmission – if anyone with Covid is present.
  3. Maintain some side-to-side distancing.  Further risk reduction. 
  4. Reduce the time spent in singing positions to a maximum of 45 mins by ensuring there is a break of 20 mins during the rehearsal.  Increases the effectiveness of ventilation by allowing exhaled vapour to disperse.
  5. Recognising that the majority – if not all – those present will have been double vaccinated plus some with the booster.  Thus, should all the mitigations above fail to prevent someone with the virus attending and transmitting the virus to someone else, the risk of serious complications is greatly reduced.
  6. Mask-wearing to be optional.

My responsibility as the organiser will be to make sure that the above advertised mitigations are in place.  People who choose to attend in these circumstances then do so at their own risk.

Recording – my Magnificat and Ubi Caritas plus Fauré Cantique de JR

I regret that circumstances have meant that I have really left this too late to be able to get a choir together before Christmas.  I’ll be in touch in the New Year to make arrangements to brighten up that depressing period of late January – early February.  Here’s wishing you all a happy, musical run up to the Festive Season from Advent and onwards to Christmas itself and New Year.  If anyone would like to explore my recent setting of the New Year carol, “Ring Out, Wild Bells” , do get in touch.

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